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Apollo Nixon, a renowned and accomplished leader with a track record of running successful businesses for over 30 years. Apollo Nixon's unwavering commitment to achieving success is evident in his strategic approach, innovative thinking, and dedication to excellence.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, Apollo Nixon has established a reputation for driving growth, fostering innovation, and delivering results. With a deep understanding of industry trends and a passion for excellence, he has steered organizations towards sustainable success and profitability.

Join us on a journey of success and innovation with CEO Apollo Nixon, a leader who embodies excellence, integrity, and a relentless drive for success. Experience the difference that visionary leadership can make in shaping a brighter future for businesses and communities worldwide.


Atiya Wilson, a renowned figure in information systems with over 15 years of success in delivering cutting-edge IT services. Atiya's strategic vision, technical expertise, and commitment to innovation have consistently driven organizational growth and efficiency.

Join us on a journey of technological evolution guided by Atiya Wilson's visionary leadership, characterized by excellence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of success. Explore how his expertise in AI and ML has revolutionized IT services, driving innovation and competitiveness across industries worldwide.

Experience the power of visionary IT leadership through compelling web and brochure content that showcases Atiya Wilson's unparalleled ability to transform organizations and shape a brighter future. Step into a world of limitless potential, where innovation and success converge under the guidance of CIO Atiya Wilson.

Saad Moten

Saad Moten, an esteemed leader in information security with 20+ years of transformative experience across diverse industries, is renowned for revolutionizing cybersecurity practices. As President of the ISC2 Islamabad Chapter, Saad demonstrates unwavering commitment to success through expertise in crafting and implementing robust security strategies. His proficiency spans security assessments, risk analyses, and incident management, ensuring protection of critical data and systems.

Saad excels in guiding cross-functional teams and stakeholders with exceptional communication and leadership skills. Backed by prestigious certifications including CISSP, CCSK, CISM, CISA, CRISC, and PMP, along with a master's in computer science, Saad is poised to make significant contributions to any team. Experience the impact of Saad Moten's visionary leadership in driving innovation and excellence in information security, shaping the future of cybersecurity strategy and implementation.


Amaris Wilson, the dynamic and innovative Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at CyrixGlobal. With a fresh perspective and a passion for modernizing financial practices, Amaris is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we manage financial challenges and plan budgets in today's fast-paced business landscape.

Amaris brings a blend of youthful energy and strategic vision to CyrixGlobal, implementing cutting-edge financial business models to drive stability and foster growth. With a focus on leveraging technology and data-driven insights, Amaris is committed to optimizing financial performance and ensuring long-term sustainability for the organization.

As a forward-thinking leader, Amaris Wilson is poised to bring a new era of financial excellence to CyrixGlobal. With a keen understanding of modern financial trends and a creative approach to problem-solving, Amaris is set to lead the company towards greater financial success and operational efficiency.

Join us in welcoming Amaris Wilson as our new CFO, a trailblazing financial leader who is reshaping the future of financial management at CyrixGlobal. Experience the impact of Amaris's innovative strategies and forward-thinking approach as we embark on a journey towards financial stability and growth.


Humoud Seif, a visionary Chief Technology Officer with a passion for revolutionizing healthcare services through technology. With a unique blend of industry knowledge, experience, and recognition from various bodies, Humoud is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals and enhance their services through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Drawing from his extensive experience in healthcare services, Humoud Seif brings a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table. His deep understanding of the healthcare industry, coupled with his expertise in technology, allows him to develop tailored solutions that drive efficiency, improve patient outcomes, and elevate the quality of care.

Recognized for his contributions to the healthcare sector, Humoud's wisdom and experience are invaluable assets in guiding organizations towards success. By leveraging technology to its fullest potential, he empowers healthcare providers to deliver superior services, streamline operations, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape.

At CyrixGlobal, Humoud Seif works tirelessly to ensure that all customers receive the benefits of his knowledge and expertise. By implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, he helps organizations unlock new possibilities, optimize their services, and ultimately enhance the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients.

Join us on a journey of transformation and innovation in healthcare services with Humoud Seif as your trusted guide. Together, we can harness the power of technology to achieve your goals and pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare. Welcome to a new era of healthcare excellence with Humoud Seif and CyrixGlobal.

Sr. Vice President Business Development

 Rauland Sharp, Sr. Vice President of Business Development. With a distinguished career in the United States Navy and as a seasoned retired public servant from the Indian Health Service, Rauland brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

As a veteran of the United States Navy, Rauland honed his leadership skills and strategic thinking in high-pressure environments, ensuring mission success and the safety of his team. His commitment to excellence and dedication to service have been the cornerstone of his career, both in the armed forces and beyond.

Transitioning to the public sector, Rauland served with distinction in the Indian Health Service, where he worked tirelessly to improve healthcare access and quality for underserved communities. His passion for making a difference and his ability to navigate complex challenges have earned him a reputation as a trusted and effective leader.

Now, as the Sr. Vice President of Business Development, Rauland Sharp brings his unique blend of military precision and public sector acumen to drive growth and innovation. His strategic vision and collaborative approach have led to successful partnerships and business opportunities that have propelled organizations to new heights.

With a track record of success and a commitment to excellence, Rauland Sharp is a dynamic leader who is dedicated to delivering results and making a positive impact. Explore our website to learn more about Rauland's background, expertise, and how his leadership can help take your organization to the next level. Welcome to a new era of growth and success with Rauland Sharp.